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Professional logo: Why it makes a difference

30 April 2012

Any escort that wants repeat business and referrals from returning customers has to think about branding their service and image. All industries have dozens and sometimes hundreds of competitors all hungry for brand recognition. Everyone on the planet knows what the Google logo represents or what the Pepsi logo represents. The logo image from those two companies is permanently entrenched in the public’s mind...

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What Says Luxury and Elegance More than our CLASSICO template?

29 April 2012

When attracting clientele to your escort services website, the personality your website portrays plays an important role. What does it say about who you are? What does it say about your business? What does it say about the people that are a part of your business? If luxury, elegance, and quality are characteristics that you believe should come through in your site, then Escort Website Templates’ newly released CLASSICO template may be the right choice for you...
Classico Escort Design

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Get a Retro Modern Design with Escort Website's New REVOLVE Template

28 April 2012

Want to give your escort website a retro look with a modern twist? Escort Website Templates has what you are looking for. Committed to making sure that all our customers have access to templates with the unique personalities that they wish to portray as they take their businesses to the Internet, Escort Website Templates consistently makes available fresh, creative templates. The release of the brand new REVOLVE template continues to solidify that commitment...
Revolve Escort Design

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Getting traffic to your website: SEO basics

27 April 2012

Escort Website Templates that rely on good search results will benefit by following some simple SEO strategies. Proper use of original content, correct keyword density and meta tags descriptions can go a long way towards enhancing the escort SEO strategy...

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Link exchange: Does it still work?

24 April 2012

Not too long ago, backlinks were considered the premier way to attract targeted traffic for free. SEO experts and web masters felt that all they needed to do was get their web address (URL) posted in as many online locations as possible and a large volume of traffic was guaranteed. For many this strategy worked well to get some traffic, but it soon escalated to random backlinks getting plastered all over the web...

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Happy Clients...

With several models in our employ, we constantly struggled to provide each with enough coverage on a site that allowed us a limited number of pictures. Escort Templates unlimited galleries with the thumbnail tool allows us to showcase our girls properly.
Amber M., Erotique
If you'd told me a month ago I could create my own website, I'd have laughed, but here it is! Escort Website Templates made it impossible not to get online!
Lola N.