Terms and conditions are essential to protect you, Escort Website Templates (EWT), and the Internet community in general from illegal, irresponsible, and/or disruptive online activities. Therefore, by using a website template from EWT, you agree to the following terms, conditions, and policies.

Client Responsibilities

Upon purchasing a template from Escort Website Templates, you take responsibility for:

  1. Website Content: You, the customer, are responsible for all content published within the template. You acknowledge that you have the authority and the rights, either by ownership or by permission, to all content, including but not limited to model videos and other videos, model photos and other graphical components, banners, text descriptions, slogans, and promotions. You further acknowledge that all models were over the age of 18 at the time photos and/or videos were created and that all images are in full compliance with 18 U.S.C. 2257 and associated regulations.
  2. Website Uploads: While Escort Website Templates is happy to provide instructions for uploading content to our templates, the responsibility for these uploads rests solely with you, the customer. Technical support is available, but is limited to problems directly related to your template service subscription.
  3. Website Upkeep: Template rental includes only the code (front end and content management system) and hosting service—all content is the responsibility of the client. Escort Website Templates may provide upgrades to ensure the continued technical function of the template, but cannot make guarantees and assumes no responsibility for updating the actual content.
  4. Domain Name: Escort Website Templates will gladly acquire a domain name on your behalf; however, we assume no responsibility for loss, damage, or expense that may arise from the registration of said domain name in any online or off-line network directories, membership lists, or registration lists. Likewise, we will not accept responsibility for any loss, damage, or expense arising from the removal of said domain name from such directories or lists following the termination of this service for any reason.

Billing Policy

By using a template from this site, you agree to the following billing policy:

  1. Payment Method: Our system accepts only recurring credit card payments in US dollars.
  2. New Services: Your credit card will be charged at the time of setup for new services.
  3. Recurring Fees: Your credit card will be charged regularly according to one of four payment schedules (to be stated in your contract).
  4. Failure to Pay: If payment is not received within 10 days of the due date, your services will be suspended. You can reinstate your account by paying the balance due and updating your payment information. (To avoid suspension, please ensure we always have up-to-date credit card information on file.)
  5. Reinstatement of Service: Service can be reinstated without additional fees within 30 days. After 30 days, but within 6 months, service can be reinstated with a $180 data-recovery fee. Escort Website Templates may also require a secure form of payment, such as a notarized statement authorizing us to charge your credit card for the appropriate amount.
  6. Stopped Payments: If you stop payment or initiate a chargeback through your credit card company, Escort Website Templates may, at its discretion, immediately suspend your service.
  7. Cancelling Services: You may cancel your account at any time by providing written notice via mail. Accounts must be up to date in order for cancellations to be processed. Refunds will not be given for prepaid services.

Escort Website Design's Promise

Escort Website Design pledges the following to our customers:

  1. Functional Templates: Escort Website Design offers all of its templates in good faith and warranties their functionality in all major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) at the time of sale. However, we cannot warranty their continued function when new versions of browsers are released, nor can we warranty their function in less common Web browsers.
  2. Technical Support: Escort Website Design stands by its templates and is happy to provide free technical support for issues directly related to the back end of your purchased template. Technical issues should be reported using our technical support ticketing system.

Indemnity and Releases

When you purchase a template from Escort Website Templates, you agree to the following releases:

  1. Indemnification: You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Escort Website Templates, its officers, directors, and employees from any loss, expense, or damage arising from any claim, demand, action, suit, proceeding, judgement, or other expense that may arise from any service provided to you by Escort Website Templates, including content that violates any copyright, proprietary right of any person, or state and federal regulations, or any content that may be deemed libellous or scandalous.
  2. Release of Warranty:You acknowledge that Escort Website Templates makes no warranties whatsoever on any of the services it provides. As a result, you agree that Escort Website Templates, its officers, directors, and employees shall not be liable for any claims, damages, or losses you may suffer, whether direct, indirect, consequential, actual, or punitive. This is included but not limited to loss or damages resulting from the loss of data caused by delays, non-deliveries, or service interruptions.
  3. Disclaimer: Escort Website Templates expressly disclaims any obligation to monitor its customers or other users for violations of this policy and/or the law. Furthermore, Escort Website Templates is not liable or responsible for the actions of its customers or other users, nor for any content posted on any website using one of our templates.
  4. Reservation of Rights: Escort Website Templates reserves the right to cooperate with appropriate legal authorities investigating claims of illegal activity involving Escort Website Templates' services, customers, or users. Escort Website Templates reserves all other rights to respond to violations of this policy to the extent of applicable law and in accordance with any applicable contracts.

Violations & Penalties

Customers are responsible for the content and use of their websites. However, in order to help protect our customers and create a safe online environment, Escort Website Templates offers the following guidelines for dealing with violations of this policy:

  1. Reporting Non-Copyright Violations: Escort Website Templates encourages users to report violations of this policy by contacting us. Please include in the report the offending domain (e.g., www.xyz.com) and the type of abuse (e.g., spam, illegal acts, harassment, etc.) in the subject line of the e-mail.
  2. Reporting of Copyright Violations: Escort Website Templates complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). We therefore encourage users to report any alleged copyright infringement by one of our customers or users by contacting us with a notice that complies with the DMCA.
  3. Remedies: If Escort Website Templates learns of a violation of this policy, we will respond to the applicable customer and may, in our sole discretion, take any of the following actions, in accordance with the severity and duration of the violation:
    i. Warning the customer
    ii. Suspending the offending customer from services
    iii. Terminating the offending customer from services
    iv. Imposing fees or charges on the offending customer account in accordance with the applicable service contract
    v. Removing the offending content
    vi. Taking other action in accordance with this policy, the applicable service contract, or applicable law

About This Agreement

  1. Scope: This policy applies to you, the customer, as well as your employees, agents, contractors, and any other users to whom you grant access or provide services using our templates.
  2. Changes to Agreement: Escort Website Template may change this agreement at any time by posting the change and effective date on this website. Use of the template or other services after the effective date shall constitute your agreement to the amended policy.
  3. Entirety of Agreement: This policy constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and represents the entire understanding of the parties with respect to said agreement.
  4. Relationship between Parties: The parties to this agreement are independent entities, and nothing contained in this agreement shall constitute agency, employment, partnership, or any other form of jointure between the parties.
  5. Severability of Clauses: In the event that any term or provision of this agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be illegal, unenforceable, or invalid, the rest of the agreement shall remain in full effect.
  6. Interpretation of Agreement: The format, words, and phrases in this agreement shall have the meaning generally understood in the Telecommunications/ Software/Internet industries. This agreement shall be construed in accordance with its fair meaning and not against the drafting party.